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Eaton 93PM Maintenance and Faults

Eaton 93PM Maintenance and Faults

This article is designed to assist you with preliminary diagnosis of an Eaton 93PM UPS. If you require support, call or email us immediately.

Eaton 93PM 200KW

An Eaton 93PM UPS requires preventative maintenance for optimal operation and to minimise faults and damage to components. To access the UPS menus a password can be entered by pressing the padlock icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Eaton 93PM Default Password User Level 1 – 1111 – Access the Controls screen from the home screen
Able to command the UPS to Normal mode, Static Bypass mode, and Load off. Be careful in a parallel system that you select the System tab to control the entire system and the UPS tab to control the individual UPS. Also able to enable/disable ESS mode and VMMS mode if configured, and reset sticky alarms from the EAA Controls tab.

Eaton 93PM Default Password Configuration Level 2 – 0101 – Access the Configuration tab in the settings menu
Able to change non critical settings in the UPS including time/date, signal inputs (function, polarity), relay outputs (alarm configuration, relay testing), battery test settings (not able to command a battery test to start on demand), redundancy alarm level.

Eaton 93PM Default Password Service Level 3 – This password is a dynamic password that constantly changes and an Eaton representative is required to access the service settings
Configuration of the number of battery cells, number of battery strings, battery autonomy calculation values, and battery charge current limit. Output voltage and frequency setting. Auto restart function, site wiring alarms, and UPS parallel configuration is all done in the service settings tab.

System Status
The four LED lights at the bottom of the LCD screen will give you a quick description of the current status of the UPS.

The Green Sine Wave LED is illuminated when the UPS is on normal mode and typically will protect the load from power outages given no other faults are present

The Yellow Battery LED is illuminated when the input supply to the UPS is lost or out of tolerance and the UPS is drawing power from the batteries to support the load

The Orange Bypass LED is illuminated when the UPS is on internal static bypass mode. The UPS may be in bypass due to a command from the user or due to an internal fault in the UPS power train. Load is supplied directly via the UPS input supply and is not protected from outages and other electricity faults.