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Case Study 3: Eaton Surge Diverter Fault

Case Study 3: Eaton Surge Diverter Fault


Eaton Powerware SPD3i Surge Diverter


During scheduled preventative maintenance of our clients UPS, our technician found the upstream surge diverter system had been damaged during operation on both the primary and secondary protection devices. The client was not aware of the faulty equipment as the device was not monitored by BMS and they do not conduct their own in depth inspections of the system.


The surge diverters were replaced to restore the protection system to normal operation and the alarm output was integrated into the BMS system via the UPS.


The device had operated to protect the clients downstream equipment, however was left in an inoperable state to protect from surges on B phase in future. Due to the client having a preventative maintenance contract with Flipmode, our attendance resulted in identification of the faulty equipment before the clients’ equipment was impacted. The device was repaired with minimal impact to the clients’ system and integrated into the BMS system for early fault detection in future.