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Case Study 2: Bender Iso685 IsoMeter

Case Study 2: Bender Iso685 IsoMeter


Bender Iso685 IsoMeter


A customer engaged Flipmode to investigate earth leakage faults on their marine ancillary electrical installation. The customer explained that their supply breakers were tripping and their Bender Iso685 IsoMeter insulation monitoring device was presenting faults.


Upon investigation it was found that the IsoMeter alarm output contacts were being used as trip signals for the customers supply circuit breakers, and that the unit was not configured correctly during installation by the customers electrical contractor. After external verification with a power quality analyser, the measurement profile of the meter was changed to a high capacitance installation profile to better suit the marine application.


As a result of the incomplete installation by the general electrical contractor, the customer had to endure interruptions and additional cost of engaging another party to investigate and rectify the installation. Flipmode offers installation of critical power equipment as well as commissioning and functional testing of critical power equipment to minimise cost and inconvenience to our clients.