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Case Study 1: Schneider Shunt Trip Coil

Case Study 1: Schneider Shunt Trip Coil


Schneider Circuit Breaker with Shunt Trip Coil


During UPS preventative maintenance, our technician was verifying the operation of the battery circuit breaker shunt trip coil function when they found one of the circuit breakers was not tripping. After inspection of the unit it was found that the battery trip coil was faulty. Thanks to our technicians extensive experience and OEM training, they were able to identify the coil as affected by a manufacturer recall. The remaining units on the clients site were also verified to be affected.


Replacement trip coils were sourced and all affected units were rectified during the planned preventative maintenance with no additional interruption to the client


As our client was proactive enough to do preventative maintenance, and our technician was diligent enough to test every component and function of the equipment, this fault was discovered before any impact to the client. If this UPS shunt trip coil fault wasn’t resolved and the UPS encountered a failure on the DC bus, the UPS would not have been able to isolate the battery power and excessive damage to the equipment could have occurred. With the early detection and resolution of the fault, our client had the lowest cost to repair and no impact to their system. This highlights the importance of preventative maintenance on critical power equipment.